Muscovite Mica Powder

Muscovite Mica Powder

Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquattromila with gravity tank

Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquattromila with gravity tank

Waterproof, anti-corrosion urethane-rubber mastic ZKM for roofing

Waterproof, anti-corrosion urethane-rubber mastic ZKM for roofing

Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquattromila

Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquattromila


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General de Antioxidantes S.L. Company detail

Address: Av. Cataluña 226, Zaragoza, 50014, Spain
"GENERAL DE ANTIOXIDANTES S.L." whose trade mark is "PINTURAS HERRINOX" was set up in 1952 as an industrial and decorative paint factory. We have always sought to attair maximum quality control… ...

Roofshield Roof Restorations Company detail

Address: 52 Aquarium Ave, Hemmant, QLD, 4174, Australia
Phone:1800 173 885
Roofshield Roof Restoration has been in business for 30 years, you don't stay in business for that long without doing something right! We have restored, repaired and replaced thousands of roofs… ...

Acktar Company detail

Address: 19 Topaz St. P.O.B. 8643, Kiryat-Gat, 8213513, Israel
Acktar specializes at industrialization and production of light absorbing Black coatings for various applications. The coating’s unique optical and surface properties, but with our service and… ...

Shimi Azar Jam Company detail

Address: tehran- first kosar, tehran, 14567, Iran
Shimi Azar Jam Co., (SAJ Co.) has been established in 2003 in Tehran/Iran. It is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and service corrosion resistant equipment which uses glass lined… ...

Granitech International Corporation Company detail

Address: No.543, Zhongshan 2nd Rd., Qianjin Dist.,, Kaohsiung, 801, Taiwan
Granitech International Corporation is a manufacturer, specializing in eco-friendly architectural coatings that have been adroitly developed to match natural stone in their appearance and feel. Need… ...

IMEN REEF ARIA Co. Company detail

Address: REEF building, Boustan Saadi St., Isfahan,, 8175656771, Iran
IMEN REEF ARIA, established in the field of Traffic/Road Furniture, specifically road marking, traffic signs and symbols, etc. IMEN REEF ARIA is the major manufacturer of road-marking paints and… ...

Industrial Solutions USA Company detail

Address: 5115 S. Rolling Green Ave., Ste. 211, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, United States
Industrial Solutions USA provides protective coatings and linings to industrial and commercial industries for corrosion, UV, chemical and abrasion resistance in severe service environments. Please… ...

Sepehr Rang Arafam Company detail

Address: No 10, 2nd floor, Ofogh tower, Golestan 3, Shahrak gharb, Tehran, 1998988464, Iran
  CEO STATEMENT Sepehr Rang Arafam Co., abbreviated SeRACo. ( was founded in 2006 by Eng. Bakhtyar Khosravi, who introduced his idea for ready - made marine paint with vision,… ...

Rhinehart Finishing Company detail

Address: 5345 County Road 68, Spencerville, IN 46788, United States
Rhinehart Finishing is a world-class contract finishing company that offers a variety of painting and coating options to customers in diverse industries. Our services include powder coating,… ...

Schaetti AG Company detail

Address: Hertistrasse 27, Wallisellen, 8304, Switzerland
Phone:+41 44 839 48 00
The Schaetti Group is a Swiss company which offers thermoplastic coating solutions for a wide range of surface coating requirement. The product range includes proven solutions for outdoor applica… ...
Results 1 - 10 of 3050 manufacturers of "Coatings"

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Coatings > Water Borne
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Coatings > Waterproof
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