Galvanized Welded Mesh Hardware Cloth

Galvanized Welded Mesh Hardware Cloth

6205-2RS-ZZ Radial   Shielded Seal Ball Bearing ,25x52x15mm

6205-2RS-ZZ Radial Shielded Seal Ball Bearing ,25x52x15mm

Stainless Steel Rods

Stainless Steel Rods


Consultant Lubricants, Inc.


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Custom Formulated Products: CLI custom formulates products to comply with specific requirements unique to your application. Drawing, Stamping, and Forming Compounds: Petroleum, semi-synthetic, or synthetic based, these compounds provide cost reductions and process improvements in many operations, including blanking, piercing, punching, and roll forming. Many are concentrated for use in severe operations and extendable with water for lighter work and cost effectiveness. Machining Coolants & Cutting Oils: Straight oil, water soluble, semi-synthetic, or synthetic based, these compounds provide excellent tool and sump life. All machining variables such as tool life, clean ability, operator safety, and sump life are considered when recommending these compounds. Each operation such as tapping, threading, reaming, honing, grinding and others has its special requirements for performance and cost effectiveness. Die Casting Compounds: Full line of die release agents, plunger lubricants, ceramic coatings and specialty products. Foundry Compounds: Ceramic coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and sand casting release compounds. Compounds manufactured for metal foundry companies pouring molten iron and steel into molds to form castings. Corrosion Inhibitors: Petroleum or synthetic based, these compounds can provide excellent protection against rusting for various periods depending on need; less than a month to well over two years. Anti-Spatter Compounds: Petroleum or synthetic, these compounds are formulated for excellent spatter release and clean ability in all types of welding operations from MIG, to TIG, ERSW, and even robotic. Vibratory Deburring Compounds: Synthetic based, these compounds are designed to clean and brighten parts and to provide long media life. Also safe and biodegradable, they are chemically treated to resist flash rusting or staining. Conventional Lubricants: A complete spectrum of hydraulic, gear, way, & other industrial lubes. Specialty Greases: Petroleum and synthetic based, these formulas provide the important lubrication functions of machinery. They allow a plant's valuable machinery to run as smoothly as possible. Pretreatment and Specialty Cleaners: Solvent, aqueous, or powder, our formulas are the most efficient and effective for your applications. Also, a full line of parts washer equipment is offered to complement these blends. Cost savings are common combined with our unique service programs.


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