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Self-drilling screw forming machine

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high quality a4 a5 a6 private label hard cover classic spiral binding paper notebook with elastic band

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Teyi Gabion Baskets Factory


New Industrial Zone, Dezhou, Shandong, China.
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About us

Started since 1996, we have been engaged in producing metal mesh gabions of various shapes and specifications. Gabions are highly permeable, used with geotextiles to form a self draining units, may be used in the field of water supply, treatment and irrigation. Mesh gabions can be filled with stones against flood, for reservoir closure, hillside protection and other applications. Our Advantages and Capabilities: Teyi is a gabions products company specializing in gabions of all finishes, gabion wire, hexagonal gabion mesh, geotextiles and machines. We are a leading supplier and exporter of the soil erosion resistant wire gabion works in China. Our company has been in this industry for more than twenty years and has accumulated rich expereinces in production of gabions and gabions wire mesh. Hexagonal woven steel mesh is the chief wire materials for gabion baskets, mattresses and rock-fall mesh netting. Our company is a well established leading firm in the field of mesh gabions and related wire products. We supply constructive companies / contractors / distributors of many countries for bank building and rock netting project. We are iso9001 certified manufacturers. And we use raw materials only from certified suppliers. We manufacture and supply gabions products of international technical quality. Our capabilities: Custom and Modular Gabions for Water Soil Conservation Works Customized service and special requirements are taken care of We can make quick changing of gabions and mattresses specifications acording to project request We can make quick supply and starting of work Wire materials we use have certification and quality guarantee: we buy only from good quality material factories Installation assistance for gabions and machines Gabion works design and modification of proposal according to requirements


Gabions of Basket Cells
Green Coated Gabion Basket Boxes for Stone Loading River Bank Stabilization, to ST. LUCIA, Trinidad…
DETAIL Product ID: 4189
Gabions of Cage Cells
Reinforced Gabion Cages to build retaining wall Description Size: 0.5x0.8x1.8m Mesh: Welded,…
DETAIL Product ID: 4190
Hexagonal Woven Gabions Mesh
We offer gabions mesh manufacturing from these wire materials: Hot-dipped galvanized; Electro…
DETAIL Product ID: 4191
Galvanized Wire for Gabions
Teyi supplies galvanised wire for gabion basket and mattress production, as gabions mesh wire,…
DETAIL Product ID: 4192
Biaxial Geogrid for Gabion Wall Construction
PP Geogrid is used with gabions for soil retaining and river bank protection gabion wall…
DETAIL Product ID: 4193
Geo Textile
We supply geotextiles with gabions for draining and filter needs in most bank protection…
DETAIL Product ID: 4194

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