Fire Barrier BO 856B-I

Fire Barrier BO 856B-I

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Horsetail Fly Whisk

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Aramid fiber Packing

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Horse Mane Hair


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Poly Fluoro Ltd Company detail

Address: Poly Fluoro Limited 260A, Bommasandra Industrial Area Hosur Road, Bengaluru, 560099, India
Phone:+91 9916117349
Poly Fluoro Ltd has been at the forefront of polymer innovation, pioneering the manufacture and application of engineering plastics since 1985. Integrating in-house processing techniques with… ...


Address: RAYON 750 SUR, MONTERREY, 64000, Mexico
Distribuidor de Plásticos para la Industria, Plásticos de Ingeniería para fabricación de piezas mecánicas Plásticos avanzados para componentes de alta tecnología, Aviación, electrónica, ESD y… ...

CS Hyde Company Company detail

Address: 1351 N Milwaukee Avenue, Lake Villa, IL 60046, United States
CS Hyde Company is a custom converter specializing in high performance tapes, films, fabrics, belting, silicone, threads, cords and 3M. Our capabilities include slitting, sheeting, lamination, die… ...

Mykin Inc Company detail

Address: 10081 Colonial Industrial Drive, South Lyon, MI 48178, United States
No description.

Biscor Limited Company detail

Address: Kingsmark Freeway, Bradford, BD12 7HW, United Kingdom
Biscor Limited is a manufacturer and converter of PTFE (Teflon) coated glass fabric and silicone coated glass fabric. Various industries are supplied, from food processing to packaging, carpet… ...

abindutrial supplies Company detail

Address: 1 george, shere, 1234, Cayman Islands
No description.

Professional Plastics, Inc. Company detail

Address: 1810 E. Valencia Drive, Fullerton, CA, 92831, United States
Supplier of high-performance engineering plastic basic shapes. (800)966-7767 Plastic sheets, rods, tubing and film in more than 500 different material types. Key… ...

Coatings2go Llc

Address: Carlisle, United States
No description.

General Plastics Corporation

Address: Bloomfield, United States
No description.


Address: Sparta, United States
No description.
Results 1 - 10 of 190 manufacturers of "Teflon®"

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